Blonde Sex Dolls - 5 Favourites

Our Favourite Blonde Sex Dolls all in one place

If you have fantasies of having hot horny sex to a beautiful blonde, we have plenty of options for you. Our sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone. they have metal skeletons, they are very realistic looking, and are here to fulfill your fantasies. For your pleasure, we have listed our favourite blonde bombshells below.

Aniya: Our Skinny Blonde Bomshell

Aniya blonde sex doll

Eighteen-year-old Aniya is standing on the cusp of womanhood and her golden blonde innocence, ready to be plucked by one lucky guy amongst you, is proving to be quite a crowd puller these days.

Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, Aniya has grown up in a stud farm. Her sun-kissed blonde hair and warm, honey skin attests to an active life spent outdoors. But as free-spirited as she is with a deep soul connection to nature, Aniya remains untouched by any man. Barring a few stolen kisses from young horse trainers on her father’s stud farm, she hasn’t had any close encounters of a passionate sort with a man yet...

So who’s going to be the one that finally wins this, sweet innocent Arizona filly? You?

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Abbey: Our Big Boobed Blonde

Abbey blonde sex doll

Abbey is stunning. She has beautiful flowing balayage blonde hair, full pouty lips, massive breasts, and a smoking body. Her blue eyes truly light up any room, especially the bedroom. This hot sex doll looks like she could start in your favorite porn flick, but all the same she's so sophisticated. Take her home where she can help you enjoy some of the best sex ever.

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Barbara: Sexy Blonde Student

Barbara blonde sex doll

Men fall in love with Barbara on sight. This sex doll is a platinum blonde goddess with a mischievous, playful personality to match. Her shapely B-Cup tits, slim waist and long, endless legs make her a stunning package that few male hearts can resist.

Barbara is student whilst also working as a horse trainer. She works at an equestrian ranch in Phoenix, Arizona, and most of her day is spent outdoors breaking new horses in.

She does a great job of “breaking men” in too, if you know what we mean ;)

Come, take this rodeo-loving girl home. She will keep you very well exercised in the bedroom!

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Cloe: Hot French Blonde

Cloe blonde sex doll

Sweet, soft and voluptuous is this blonde French girl from the valley of River Marne – where champagne comes from. The high-latitude terroir (soil) doesn’t just raise grapes for the most expensive sparkling wines in the world; it also rears amazing examples of French beauties like Cloe, who rival the local champagne in fizz and bubbliness. Nineteen-year-old Cloe grew up in a vineyard, and her discerning palate in wine is only rivaled by her refined taste in men.

Blessed with a voluptuous body with full thighs, luscious breasts and a pussy as ripe as a pinot noir champagne grape, this girl is definitely ready for picking…

Sexuellement excité, anybody?

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Cynthia: Natural Blonde Goddess

Cynthia blonde sex doll

Cynthia is a naughty, blonde, water baby from Coco Beach, Florida. “I love nothing more than getting my body wet,” she says. “As you can see from my pictures, I like getting turned on with water jets – and if you’re not going to do it for me, I will do it myself!”

Cynthia has large, perky breasts that are all natural. She sunbathes in the nude, so you will never see tan lines on her smooth, baby soft skin. She has a deep vagina and simply adores ass play.

“Look at me,” she says. “Aren’t you dying to be playing in the shower with me RIGHT NOW?”

Go on, play with her. She’s hot, wet and waiting!

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There Are Even More Sexy Blondes Waiting For You

These are our 5 favorite blonde sex dolls. What do you think? Let us know in the comments. We have a huge selection of blonde bombshells, and we want to know which ones turn you on!

Are you ready for some fun? If you want a blonde sex doll who is up for anything, you’re in the right place. At Doll Honey, we offer affordable and high-quality sexy silicone sex dolls. We can find you the best doll that can make all your dreams come true. Our team will make sure that you get the best doll that fits all your needs. If you have any questions related to realistic sex dolls, please try to reach out to us. Email us at to get best answers to all your queries.

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