Different Uses For Sex Dolls

Can sex dolls have many other purposes other than just sexual pleasure? This may seem as unbelievable as the thought that people bought Porn magazines ‘for the articles’. But really, this happens. Most of the dolls we sell are for pleasure reasons, but some of our customers have other ways to creatively use our sex dolls.

Sexual Education

There’s only so much education you can get from a book, drawings on a board or video content. When it comes down to the real thing and making yourself or someone else happy, we depend on trial and error. Sometimes we might even have someone show us the ropes and learn from their mistakes.

However, this doesn’t happen for everyone. A lot of us grow up having never seen another male/female naked in real life and this can leave you wondering and even worrying “Am I doing this right?” “Can I put a condom on this way?” “Do other guys/girls have this this?” “Does it look like that for everyone?” . A lot of people have little to know education in how to use a condom, insert a diaphragm or even how to use sanitary products. And majority of people definitely haven't been taught all the different ways and kinds of sex acts and how they work.

This is true for a lot of adults who were; brought up in strict homes or not very outgoing. Those of us who grew up like this may be experiencing our first sexual partner now. Having not had many casual sexual experiences in their lifetime so far. This can be daunting when we do begin our sexual journey.

At Dollhoney we may have a solution for this! Our realistic sex dolls, made from silicone, have all the perfect features to ensure proper sexual education for adults. Relationship and sex therapists can use them during session demonstrations. Individuals and couples can experiment with our dolls before getting to go at the real thing! At Dollhoney we love that people can increase their sexual confidence and get great practice with our top of the range sex dolls!

We think we’ve got some strikingly beautiful sex dolls that would work very well in an art installation. We can even imagine a particularly daring artist doing a performance piece with a sex doll. A gorgeous doll like Dakota  would be perfect. Her classic looks and ebony skin are absolutely stunning.

What about you? Have you used one of our sex dolls in a cool or thought-provoking art project? We would love to see it. Send us a picture or video!

Modern Art

Artists who take an alternative approach to art projects have used sex dolls in their creations projects multiple times. Recently journalist Grace Banks used realistic sex dolls to portray roles of women in society today. Stacey Leigh also uses realistic sex dolls in her art and it is quite outstanding:

Uses For Sex Dolls

Image Credit: stacytheartist.com

Uses For Sex Dolls

Image Credit: stacytheartist.com

Funny Gifts

Sex dolls can make great gifts for the bestfriend about to get married. Bachelor parties can often be fueled my jokes and sexual chit chat. What better way to tease the soon to be groom than a realistic sex doll.

Although we do agree that sex dolls could be a great funny gift. Maybe leave that for the blow up ones you can buy at the sex store. Here at Dollhoney we love to see our dolls going to good homes where they can be properly taken care of ;)

We would love to hear your stories

Have you ever seen a sex doll being used for a different purpose? Tell us here! We would love to see some other alternative ways realistic sex dolls can be used.

At Doll Honey, we offer affordable and high-quality sexy silicone sex dolls. We can find you the best doll that can make all your dreams come true. Our team will make sure that you get the best doll that fits all your needs. If you have any questions related to realistic sex dolls, please try to reach out to us. Email us at info@dollhoney.com to get best answers to all your queries.

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