How to Clean Your Sex Doll

“How do I clean my Sex Doll?” this is a question we get on a regular basis and what a great question it is! We advise cleaning your sex doll after every use to ensure proper hygiene. When you ensure your sex doll is cleaned thoroughly you extend the lifetime and keep her at her highest, sexiest standard!

Cleaning your sex doll is actually a very easy process and can be over in minutes when you’ve got the correct instruments. Below we will share the items we recommend to help you with a thorough clean and how you can use them to keep your sex doll at its best.

Note: this article is focused on cleaning the Vaginal, Anal, and Oral areas of your sex doll.

Vaginal Douche

A vaginal douche, also known as an irrigator or enema bulb, is one of the best instruments for washing the vaginal, anal and oral areas of your doll after you’ve had your fun. Simply fill it with soap and water then use it to clean and flush out these areas. For best results do this immediately after you’ve finished with your doll. It can be best to do your initial flushing with cold water then switch to soap and warm water to sanitize. 

Vaginal Douches are not expensive and they are very easy to use. You may want to move your doll to a place where the water can drain out and not make a mess. Vaginal Douches are the best tool for cleaning your sex doll after use.

Vaginal Douche

Loofah Stick

For extra strong cleaning you can also buy a back loofah (a shower loofah on a stick). This will allow you to scrub the inside of your doll’s vagina, anus, and mouth gently. The scrubbing will remove any residue left over. It is important that all residue is removed as overtime it may begin to smell, or irritate the material of your doll.

After cleaning you doll with your vaginal douche filled with soapy water, you should then use the loofah to clean the insides of your doll, then clean with the vaginal douche one more time to completely clean her out. It’s important to use a soft loofah as anything too abrasive may cause damage to your doll overtime.

stick loofah

Vaginal Douche - Amazon

Shower Head - Handheld

A handheld shower head is another great option for cleaning your sex doll. Especially if you like to shower with your doll. The handheld shower head allows owners to position the flow of water into sex dolls after use. These shower heads can also be adjustable meaning you can set the water flow settings so that you can turn it up to a higher pressure setting. With the correct pressure you will be able to quickly flush out your doll. Afterwards, you can just leave her in the shower to drain.

Handheld Shower Head

Handheld Shower Head - Amazon

Squeezy Water Bottle

If you are on a budget, any water bottle with a squirting mouthpiece can be used on a low budget, as a makeshift vaginal douche to clean out your doll. Simply follow the same instructions as described for the vaginal douche above.

Squeezy Bottle

Squeezy Bottle - Amazon

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