How to Dispose of your sex doll

Wondering what happens to old, used sex dolls? Although our sex dolls are very durable and long-lasting products, there comes a time when your doll won't be as sparkly and new as when you first got her. When this time arrives, you may be considering getting another and this means you will need to get rid of the old one. Well the question today is how do I dispose of my sex doll or recycle her without people finding out?

There are a few options for owners looking to get rid of or recycle their sex dolls
Sex Dolls like Alexa are amazing and long-lasting, but nothing lasts forever.

Option 1: Use a recycling service

With Recycling top of a lot of people’s lists at the moment what better option than to recycle your old doll. A lot of sex toy websites provide recycling services for these items. And there are many options suggested in sex doll forums. Grimm's Sex Doll Recycling Service is a good example of one of these providers.

Option 2: Sell her to someone looking for a used sex doll

There are people out there looking for used sex dolls, believe it or not! When considering selling your old doll, Doll Forum for Buying and Selling Sex Dolls is a good place to start. These Forums are like a little marketplace and talk space for all things sex dolls. Just set up an account list your doll and people will contact you in regards to the sale.

Option 3: Put her in the trash or dump

This is option is the least glamorous but probably the easiest way to dispose of your used sex doll. Towns and cities sometimes have designated places for people to throw away their trash, typically known as dumps. You can package your doll up and leave her there to be taken to the landfill.

If the local dump is not an option for you, you can put her in the normal trash pickup. If you do this, it is recommended that you take your doll apart as much as possible and put her part black trash bags.

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