Upgrade Your Relationship – Best ways to introduce your Realistic Sex Dolls with your Partner

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Realistic Sex Dolls

How to introduce realistic sex dolls to your partner?

Want to spice up your sexual repertoire? Don’t hesitate! No need to worry! You can lovingly, compassionately and sensitively introduce your sex doll to your partner. You may be amazed at what is possible. We understand that it can quite daunting to introduce such a realistic sex dolls with your partner. However, we can make it easy for you. In this blog, we have shared the best ways to introduce sex dolls with your intimate partner.

Way 1 - Talk It Over

Having a conversation with your partner first is a great idea instead of surprising them with a doll lying between you. So, when you start the conversation, you should make sure that it’s about both of you. This isn’t about telling your partner that you’re dissatisfied with your sex life, but, letting them know how a realistic sex doll can spice up your life. You should go for an open-minded and empathetic approach in your conversation. Remember, this is not a blame game! Your conversations must flow in such a manner that your partner is inclined with thoughts of experimenting with a sex doll and making it a part of your routine.

Way 2 - Focus on Exploration

The next thing you should do is focus on the sexual pleasures you will both look forward to enjoying together. Do not add any facts and stats to it. It may change the topic of your conversation. You can tell your partner that you can threesome together without adding an actual third person to your bed. You need to let them know it initiates the urge to have sex and also is powerful enough to break the monotonous routines.

Way 3 - Keep it honest

At the end of the conversation, in the worst case, they might think that their not satisfying you in the bed – but this is not necessarily true. You need to explain to them that your feelings have not changed, you just want them to have a pleasurable time by experimenting with new things. They may be facing a lot of stress due to busy work schedules. Introducing this sex doll could help them to forget about all the stresses and problems for some time and enjoy this time experimenting together. It can offer both of you satisfying pleasure and also recreate the initial excitement. A sex doll can provide you both with a whole world full of possibilities!

Is it time to introduce realistic sex dolls to your partner?

Realistic Sex Dolls

If your partner agrees to the suggestion of adding realistic sex dolls in the bedroom, it's time to show them how great it can be for both of you. It will definitely be different, but this will turn around your sex life and turn good sex into great sex! It will keep things fresh, adventurous and exciting!

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