Should I buy my Partner a sex doll? A breakdown for the other half

Here at Dollhoney, our opinion may differ from others but we do not see any harm in your partner having a Sex Doll. If anything, the sex doll can be used to enhance your relationship and allow your sexual experience to grow.

silicone sex doll

In this post, we’ll take a look at how a Sex doll can improve your relationship and not negatively impact you and your partner’s day to day lives.

1: Keep your Partner STI & STD free

One reason why you should allow your partner to buy a sex doll is the fact that this is a great way to avoiding picking up STI’s or STD’s. Unlike the case when a partner decides to go to brothels to follow his sexual wants, allowing them to own a sex doll provides an option that is readily available and safe for you both.

2: Make sure they’re satisfied, when you’re not in the mood...

You know that feeling when you’re just not down for any sexual activities, be it your tired, cranky, pregnant or just not feeling it. Well when this happens and you have a sex doll on hand, you don’t have to worry about being pestered or worse infidelity. Isn’t that great? Having a sex doll keeps your partner away from ‘the real thing’ and in your home practicing ;) for when your ready to hop on the horse again. The sex doll will always be ready for sex and is incomparably submissive. This means that whenever your Partner feels the need for sexual pleasure, he can go get the sex doll which is a great alternative and one that does not involve cheating!

3: Allow your partner to ‘explore’ but without the risk

The fact that the sex dolls do not have the human mind and thinking abilities is another reason why you should allow your partner to buy a sex doll. Sex dolls are man-made objects and regardless of the recent developments that have seen them develop with AI, they are unable to develop feelings or emotional attachment. Your husband only uses the doll as a hole to release his sexual tensions any time that you are unavailable or just not in the mood.

Guidelines for Partners Usage:

Overusing the sex doll can lead to the loss of interest on the other partner. Therefore, sit down and come up with guideline as to when, where and under what circumstances the doll should be used. The doll can only be in use at home and during the specific times agreed. With the immense perks of sex dolls and committing to these rules, there is no reason to stop your partner from getting a sex doll!

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