Silicone or TPE: The Best Material For Your Sex Doll

Looking for a Sex doll for a while? You’ve may have found during your research that there are usually two choices TPE or Silicone. You be be thinking: What are these? Or what is the difference? TPE and Silicone two types of material which most sex dolls are made of. Here at Doll Honey we stock both.

So, which one is right for you? Here’s some information on both to help you make your decision.


TPE Sex Doll

TPE = ThermoPlastic Elastomer. It is porous and often softer than silicone which means it can absorb water. This can sometimes cause problems, and dolls made of TPE must be cleaned carefully. Otherwise, the product can stain, or be impacted negatively by moisture.

When it comes to realisticness TPE is best. TPE dolls have that realistic feel. The material is a more flexible, and has some give. However, the material is a slightly heat sensitive.


Silicone sex doll

Silicone has a lot of uses. Most people have come into contact with it a few times. Chances are you have a silicone spatula your kitchen. It is also what breast implants are made of. Silicone is both heat resistant and durable. It is very easy to clean. You can use a cloth to wipe down silicone, and even have it come in contact with boiling water without causing damage.

Silicone can come in liquid or solid form and other ways in between. Silicone dolls are made with silicone rubber. They tend to be durable and firm. Silicone dolls can often last longer.

Making The Right Choice For You

Here at Doll Honey we are happy to have a selection of dolls made of both materials. We are confident you will be able to find exactly what you want here. To get the perfect doll for your needs, think of how you are going to use your doll.

if you are adventurous when it comes to positions TPE doll might be the better choice as they are softer and more flexible . However, if there’s a chance that your doll could get very messy, remember that silicone is easier cleaned than TPE. A doll made of TPE will feel more realistic to touch.

We understand that it is a little overwhelming to purchase a sex doll for the first time. By keeping your safety as the main priority, we make sure that all our products are manufactured with safe, durable and non-toxic materials. We offer discreet packaging and delivery while assisting you to achieve all your wildest fantasies with enticing and realistic sex dolls.

If you have any questions about our sex dolls, and which material is best for you, you can reach us at We are more than happy to help you!

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