Why Are Male Sex Dolls So Popular?

male sex doll

In the history of sex dolls, you can see that traditionally most sex dolls were female made to please men. Until recently this was the norm! Yes, there have been male sex dolls in the past. It’s just that they represented a minority of dolls sold. The male dolls that were sold were usually marketed to gay or bi men quietly.

Male sex dolls are now increasingly more popular. We do still sell more female dolls but the sale of male dolls is on the rise. Why has this changed? The idea of a male doll simply isn’t frowned upon as it used to be. Here are some reasons why:

Gay Men Coming Out is Leading to Higher Male Sex Doll Sales

male sex doll

Men who are members of the LGBTQ community are becoming more empowered sexually. They’re becoming more open about their relationships, and less likely to hide their sexuality. An important part of this is that gay, trans, and bisexual men are becoming more confident in seeking out options for meeting their own sexual needs. There’s an emerging sense of ennoblement among members of this community, and this is leading to an increased interest in male dolls. There are also straight men who show a keen interest in male dolls.

Women Are More Sex Positive

male sex doll

It has been found that women are becoming more sexually empowered than they ever have been. They are pursuing sexual relationships on their terms, buying sex toys, and purchasing male, silicone and TPE dolls for their own pleasure and companionship. Sex toy consumption is almost entirely dominated by women. It was only a matter of time before women changed from discrete, easily hidden items like vibrators and dildos to something a bit more pleasurable and realistic.

Better Construction And More Functionality

male sex doll

Over the years, dolls that were made to be penetrated simply worked a lot better than dolls that we made to accommodate men and women who prefer to receive . Sex with these dolls was often uncomfortable and awkward. Women and men who were interested in this simply used their items that worked more seamlessly.

Finally things have changed. We work with suppliers that construct male sex dolls that have the most realistic genitals. They’re anatomy is extremely like what you’d find on a real human, and they provide a pleasurable, realistic sexual experience.

Our dolls are realistic from hair to toes. Everything from the feeling of their skin to the look of their muscles is as realistic as possible. All of this is resulting in better sex and companionship. 

Are You Interested in a Male Sex Doll? You Can Now Build The Man of Your Dreams

We have an awesome selection of male sex dolls. There is one to satisfy any of your needs and wants. Whether you want a beautiful slim doll, a voluptuous companion, a buff muscled doll, or one that looks like he’s right out of an anime dream, we’ve got it!

What if you want something to your exact specifications? A lot of our customers want a doll made exactly as they have seen in their dreams. They want a doll that is made to their exact preferences. That’s why we offer our customers the opportunity to work with us to build custom sex dolls to fulfill their deepest fantasies.

Does this interest you? Email us at info@dollhoney.com and we can help you create the doll of your dreams!

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